Our Services

Research and Design
Kelfos turn-key research and design service takes your idea and transforms it into a functional and marketable prototype. Our proprietary ?first-to-market’ invention design process provides the in-house design and engineering expertise to render your invention exactly as you envisioned.
Manufacturing is critical to the success of your product in the marketplace. We have the international expertise and connections to source your ideal manufacturing partner and secure a competitive arrangement.
Prototype and 3D Modelling
We work for you to fabricate your product. We utilise 3D modelling and source materials, parts, and manufacturers who are able to create a viable prototype. Kelfo is able to assist you in securing the necessary patents to comprehensively protect your product design.
Strategic Guidance
One of the key strengths of Kelfo is our team of product strategists, analysts and marketers with a wealth of industry experience who work tirelessly to successfully bring your product to market.